of Transformation and Hope

Work as an Act of Worship last fall, I found myself “stuck in the USA” and wondering how I could possibly equip myself for future

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New Year, New Opportunities – January 2021 Updates

Adera desires to bring help and true hope, one child, one family at a time. Covid has brought challenges to the Adera community. To “shelter safe at home” is an oxymoron when you live in a 10 x 10 shelter made of corrugated metal and no plumbing or water source. When all work is denied due to not being able to enter homes to clean or wash clothes, and when the day laborer is cut off due to the shut-down or minimizing of public transportation, there are no real options. Truly nothing is “safe” at home.
But opportunities to go deeper into the Adera community have risen to the forefront, and we stepped into the invitation. We are excited about the deep dive into each of our families, students, and staff. The “pause” in 2020 allowed Adera to implement new trainings and initiatives that could never have been possible without the lull created by covid.

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