Making a Difference

In striving to bring about transformation for communities and to bring help and true hope to individuals and families in need, Adera Foundation is committed to programs, not projects. Programs bring about gradual, but lasting change. Projects, though they can be beneficial, often sacrifice lasting change for quick, short-term results. This means that the work of Adera is strategic and intentional. We focus our efforts on supporting successful programs that are already in place and beginning initiatives that we believe to be sustainable and beneficial to the long-term wellbeing of the communities we serve.


Because a strong education is the foundation for a strong nation, Adera is committing to helping parents and communities provide excellent education opportunities for children. Read More >


Adera is developing Income-Generating Activities to build sustainable incomes for our families. This includes two bakeries, a mill house, and workshops for artisans. Read More >


While committed to providing educational and economic help, Adera also desires to provide true hope by connecting families to the local church and equipping the local church to effectively share the Gospel. Read More >

Family Preservation

Adera Foundation Family Preservation

Commit to strengthening the family unit by providing monthly assistance.

Adera’s primary objective is to strengthen the family unit in the nation of Ethiopia. Poverty, disease, poor education, high unemployment and a variety of other socio-economic factors are destroying the family unit in Ethiopia. Our desire is to facilitate programs the neediest individuals, specifically families with young children. By targeting this extremely vulnerable segment of the Ethiopian population, we hope to provide at-risk parents a safe refuge for their young children, spiritual and emotional training for the whole family and business opportunities to foster long-term success. The family preservation commitment is a monthly sponsorship opportunity. Please see the description for further details.

“Hearts are enlarged with perspective”

Elise Jordan, Adera Mission trip 2016