Kebebe Tsehai Orphanage

Caretakers at Kebebe Tsehai Orphanage

This picture includes most of the 28 caregivers hired through Adera to care for babies and children age 0-8 at Kebebe Tsehai government orphanage. A recent team to Ethiopia visited and met with these incredible women (and one man!), gave them new shoes, got to know them a little, and prayed with them. When asked why they enjoy their job most said something to the effect of “I love these kids!” And it shows! Inside these walls there are hundreds of kids and babies in desperate need of love, and there used to be not enough love and care to go around. The caregiver sponsorship program started in 2010 when one family asked “what can be done to help this place?” It just costs $94/month to pay the salary of one caregiver and this program is in need of help to keep going! To donate, select “Kebebe Tsehai Caregivers” from the list of allocations on our donation page! You can give any amount monthly, or give a one time donation! Thank you!

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