Education Sponsorship

After kindergarten graduation, the entire family graduates from Adera’s sponsorship program. While support is still available, the goal is to build towards independence. But the need for a quality education means that we still offer educational sponsorships for our children as they graduate from kindergarten and enter grades 1-8.

Grades 1-8

A quality education is vital in order for students to remain and school and improve their standard of living.

  • Incredibly weight is placed on two national exams, one of which takes place in 8th grade
  • If a student is unable to pass this exam in one of two tries, he will not be allowed to continue his education
  • These exams are extensive and entirely in English
  • Unfortunately, public education in Ethiopia often fails to adequately prepare students for these exams
  • Many English teachers can barely speak English and the student-teacher ratio is around 50 students to every 1 teacher

After the children in our program graduate from kindergarten, Adera partners with parents and sponsors to provide life-changing educational opportunities.

  • Adera covers the cost of private education through $25/month sponsorships
  • Private school provides lower student-teacher ratios and a rigorous and robust curriculum as well as extracurricular activities
  • Parents must demonstrate a shared commitment by providing the enrollment fee and uniform fees
  • Sponsored children are invited to attend “Sabbath School” every month, a program that teaches the Word of God through the service of generous volunteers

There are 149 students attending Charisma private school in Addis Ababa.

Hiber Primary School Partnership

Adera is committed to helping the Korah community provide support and excellent education opportunities for as many children as possible.

Adera Feeding Program

By providing support and programming to Hiber Primary School, Adera is able to reach hundreds of students in the Korah area.

The feeding program meets a practical and essential need. Adera firmly believes that a student cannot learn on an empty stomach.

  • Every day Adera provides hot, nutritious lunches to 200 students based on need.
  • Because many of these students have little or nothing to eat at home, this meal may be the only one they have that day.
  • Through relationships established by the feeding program, Adera staff are able to nurture the students’ minds as well by encouraging them in their studies.
  • Providing nourishment for the students’ bodies and minds demonstrates to them the love of Jesus.

After school programs such as the English Language Improvement Club (E.L.I.C.), Guitar Lessons, and the Soccer Club provide safety, educational support, and meaningful relationships for students.

  • The school day ends at 3:30, but most parents are not free until after 5:00
  • Many students are on the streets or home alone during after school hours
  • Adera’s programs offer safety and helpful training for students
  • Adera’s staff has the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with students

Through these programs, Adera is able to serve more than 250 students at least twice a week.

Open Door Employment Center

Through the Open Door Employment Center, Adera seeks to provide sustainable employment opportunities for parents.

  • Training programs enhance both business and social skills
  • Participants are then matched with an external training program in a particular vocation
  • Once training is complete, Adera assists in creating a small business or finding employment with a local business in Addis Ababa
  • Adera continues to provide both counseling and guidance throughout the employment process to ensure ongoing success
  • Our goal is to equip parents to provide for the needs of their families

Currently we have helped 75 individuals receive training and find employment in Addis Ababa.

Literacy Classes

In order to provide job opportunities and increase quality of life, Adera provides literacy classes for parents who participate in our any of our programs.

  • The majority of these parents did not receive a formal education and cannot read or write
  • Adera offers English classes every day and at various levels
  • 32 women have gained a deeper sense of pride and potential by participating in these classes

Explore ways to partner with Adera’s ongoing programs.

Each programs is carefully selected to meet genuine needs in a practical manner and to ensure long-term, sustainable change. Read more about three of our ongoing programs below and join us in contributing to a bright future for children and families in Ethiopia.



Support Adera’s School Lunch Program. A mere $20.00 will feed on student for a month and make a difference for the next generation of Ethiopia. 



Join Adera’s Graduate Program and help a young child build upon his or her excellent educational foundation by giving only $25.00 a month in school tuition.



Partner with a family in Addis Ababa, providing them with the invaluable support they need in order to keep the family in tact and provide for their basic needs for only $100.00 a month