Adera Feeding Program

Adera is committed to helping the Korah community provide support and excellent education opportunities for as many children as possible.

By providing support and programming to Hiber Primary School, Adera is able to reach hundreds of students in the Korah area

The feeding program meets a practical and essential need. Adera firmly believes that a student cannot learn on an empty stomach.
  • Every day Adera provides hot, nutritious lunches to 300 students based on need.
  • Because many of these students have little or nothing to eat at home, this meal may be the only one they have that day.
  • Through relationships established by the feeding program, Adera staff are able to nurture the students’ minds as well by encouraging them in their studies.
  • Providing nourishment for the students’ bodies and minds demonstrates to them the love of Jesus.
  • After school programs include: Guitar Lessons, Soccer Club, educational support, computer labs, and ongoing meaningful relationships for students.
Many students find themselves on the streets or home alone during the after-school hours. Adera’s programs offer safety and helpful training for the students.
Adera Foundation Lunch Gift