Adera Staff

Tsion Dereje

Senior Social Worker & Economic Development

Tsion Dereje joined Adera in January 2014. She completed her university studies in sociology and social work. Tsion works with Adera as a social worker. She interviews each potential family for Adera’s daycare. She makes annual home visits and continues to build case files to understand and meet each individual need. She is very thorough and intentional in all her interactions. In 2019, she worked hard to develop and launch the economic development program known as Open Door. She continues to provide training for each candidate. She is married to Sebsebe and has a beautiful daughter named Hasset (her name means Joy in Amharic) and a son named Keab.

Semeneh Mekonnen

Administration & Finance

 Semeneh Mekonnen joined Adera in July 2017. He has a degree in accounting. He worked in different parts of Ethiopia over 14 years. Semeneh works with Adera as Admin & Finance head. Semeneh is affectionately called “911” because he is willing and capable of fixing anything for anyone. Semeneh is married to Maeregnesh and has a son named Nathan and a daughter named Maedot.

Melat Tekabe

Spiritual Liaison/Counselor

 Melat Tekabe joined Adera in May 2022. She has a degree in Community Development and Leadership. She is Adera’s Spiritual Liaison and works with our families, students and staff to encourage and support as emotionally and spiritually. She has a counseling office on Adera’s property to counsel those walking in difficulties. She leads out in the girls’ clubs weekly to encourage and challenge their thinking and to draw them to Christ. She also organizes monthly trainings for Adera parents. Melat has two daughters and a son of her own and knows the value of pouring into the young women in the Adera programs.

Elisabeth Addis

Health Coordinator

 Elisabeth Addis has been with Adera since the beginning. She studied nursing and sociology. She had different responsibilities in Adera and is currently working as a nurse in Adera clinic. She loves working with children. She follows up the health and nutrition of the children in the day care and other Adera programs. Elisabeth is a mother of two boys named Elnathan and Nathan. 

Dr. Tezeta Gossa


 Dr. Tezeta Gossa joined Adera in August 2022. She has MD, MPH. She has 23 years’ work experience in different government health centers, hospitals, and health offices. She spent most of her professional life working in MCH units. As a doctor in Adera clinic, she treats mothers and children and gives case specific health trainings for the parents and caregivers. Dr. Tezeta has one daughter named Jenny.

Abyssinia Andargachew

Social Worker/Open Door Trainer/Girls’ Club Teacher

Abyssinia Andargachew joined Adera in February 2022. She has a degree in Sociology and Social work. She is the social worker in Adera Foundation but takes part in almost every project in Adera. In addition to fulfilling her social workers responsibilities, she teaches in the girls’ club and Hebir character classes and fills out the metrics.

Yordanos Erkyehun

IGA Business Manager

Yordanos Erkyehun came to Adera to volunteer in 2020. She was a       university student. She taught character classes for Hiber students. She completed her degree in Business Management and joined Adera Designs in August 2023. She manages the social business of Adera, Adera Designs, and continues teaching character for the Hiber students.

Education Staff

Abenezer Mekonnen

English Teacher/Bible Study Leader

 Abenezer Mekonnen joined Adera in September 2023. He has a degree in English language and literature. He teaches our children English language and leads the Sabbath school lessons in Adera. He has been working with CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) as a trainer and mentor for more than four years. He believes in investing in the next generation.

Tsion (Zion) Aboneh

Daycare Early Childhood Teacher

Tsion (Zion) Aboneh joined Adera in November 2023. She has her degree in Economics, but her true passion is teaching children. She has an amazing energy to teach kids. She served as a Sabbath schoolteacher for more than eight years in her local church. She is now working as the pre-school teacher in Adera day care. Beside their regular education, she is teaching children to love and obey God.  

Aster Kebede

Hiber Education Coordinator

  Aster Kebede has been working with Adera for 11 years. She manages the Hiber feeding center. She is a great cook and prepares delicious meals with five other workers of the feeding center. They serve nutritious meals to more than 350 students daily. Aster also manages the afterschool and character classes at Hiber. She earned her degree in Management while working for Adera. Aster has one daughter named Fertuna.

Marta Firew

Admin. Assistant


Boys Club/English


Boys Club/English


Music Teacher


IT Teacher

Daycare Staff

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