Short Term Mission Trips

Adera facilitates group travel to Ethiopia so that teams see the impact our programs have on families and children and can participate in this world-changing work.

Why does Adera do Short Term Mission (STM) Trips?


Adera wants to expose people of all backgrounds to God stuff! We want people to see first-hand what God and His people are doing in Ethiopia as a result of their response to the Gospel. 


Adera wants people to experience the first two commandments, loving God, loving people. This participation is real and raw when on STM.


Adera wants full-time, in-country staff to know that others are supporting them both physically and spiritually.


Adera wants those who come to expand and enhance the ministry by sharing their personal experiences, stories, and expertise.


Adera wants the STM experience to be a catalyst for growth for those going and sending, as well as for those with whom the team interfaces while in country.


Adera wants to expand the awareness of American Christians as to the global nature of the body of Christ.    

“…the only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” 

Gal. 5:6b