Why Go?

Why Does Adera Facilitate Short Term Mission Trips (STM)? Adera facilitates group travel to Ethiopia so that teams can see the impact our programs have on families and children. Short Term Mission Trips make it possible to personally encounter Adera’s life-changing work. The Why Behind Adera STM’s VISION Adera desires to expose people of all […]

Food goes so much further!

“Adera Foundation shares the gospel in both word and deed transforming the lives of the poor with help and true hope.” Adera has provided lunches daily since 2012 for 200+ students at Hiber Primary School. In the past two years we were asked to feed 300 students in the first-grade class. The first graders range in […]

Coffee, Community, and Goats!

Coffee knows no international boundaries. It is consumed all over the world but in Ethiopia it is far more than a favorite beverage of choice. It is at the epicenter of the social culture. In Ethiopia, this rich, full-bodied beverage is not a drive through experience, but a focal point for community and communication. The […]

My Eye is upon you

Help and True Hope in Action The Adera Feeding program begins with food but goes way beyond that; it is an onramp into the lives of children and their families to bring help and true hope. Derartu joined the feeding program in the fall. She is in grade one although she is a young teen. She came from the […]

Tik Tok facilitates new volunteers for Adera.

This past year, we had the opportunity to meet a young Ethiopian woman named Mercy. She has a master’s degree in education and an unbridled enthusiasm for equipping and empowering teachers. Her energy is contagious, and the results of her efforts are truly remarkable. Adera has been looking for qualified tutors to help our children […]

Help us finish the year strong

Education protects and provides motivation for today as well as for tomorrow. Education is powerful in and of itself, but there are other assets it brings to the students. It brings security. The young female students who stay in school will not be given in marriage at an early age. They will not be placed […]

Global connection doesn’t just happen by chance.

That’s why The Adera Foundation values partnerships between Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and the USA. We believe that every believer is equipped with God-given talents and Spirit-empowered gifts, and we invite them to join Adera’s mission to bring help and true hope to those in need. We love to help people use their gifts for God’s […]

Work as an Act of Worship

https://vimeo.com/533616439Early last fall, I found myself “stuck in the USA” and wondering how I could possibly equip myself for future opportunities with Adera. I had always wanted to take the Perspective Class (www.perspectives.org) but had never been able to allocate the 15 consecutive weeks the course required. But when COVID-19 curtailed all my travel plans […]

New Year, New Opportunities – January 2021 Updates

Adera desires to bring help and true hope, one child, one family at a time. Covid has brought challenges to the Adera community. To “shelter safe at home” is an oxymoron when you live in a 10 x 10 shelter made of corrugated metal and no plumbing or water source. When all work is denied due to not being able to enter homes to clean or wash clothes, and when the day laborer is cut off due to the shut-down or minimizing of public transportation, there are no real options. Truly nothing is “safe” at home.
But opportunities to go deeper into the Adera community have risen to the forefront, and we stepped into the invitation. We are excited about the deep dive into each of our families, students, and staff. The “pause” in 2020 allowed Adera to implement new trainings and initiatives that could never have been possible without the lull created by covid.

Help Us Expand Our Adera Library

The Adera library is located in our community center and allows us to cultivate the education aspect of Adera’s 3 E’s (Economics, Education and Eternity). Our students visit the library for tutoring and developing their English skills. We invite you to expand the resources in one of two ways: Purchase a Book on Amazon Use […]