Adera’s Feeding Program

Adera prepares and serves 1178 meals/day for Adera participants. That is 23, 560 meals/month and 270,940 meals in a year. A large portion of the meals are at Hiber Primary School in the Korah community.

Adera Feeding Program was one of the first programs formed within the Korah community of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Many of the students were leaving at lunchtime to forage the nearby landfill for food. The feeding program keeps the students in school. The director of the school has asked for Adera to focus on the grade one students. Adera’s staff is careful to prepare freshly made nourishing meals for the students. When the students first come to the feeding program, many are severely malnourished. They move slowly and are despondent. Within two to three weeks their countenances completely change, and their energy has returned. It is amazing to watch their transformation.

Adera Feeding Program Room

Adera has six wonderful women on staff to prepare a light breakfast and lunch for the students. The women arrive very early to prepare and serve the students. They treat each student as their own. Aster is the manager of the feeding program. She has worked with Adera for 12 years. She attended culinary school and has recently received her university degree in marketing. She does all the purchasing and accounting. She checks off each student and makes sure all are accounted for. She also oversees the afterschool program at Hiber, which includes tutorial classes, character classes, soccer, computer classes, music classes, and any others that will arise. Aster meets with the parents to learn and discuss any challenges that may arise.
The staff have a good culture of caring and supporting each other. Ethiopian culture is so inclusive, and all will jump in to lend a hand. Often the administration staff will walk down at lunch to help organize the students and take names as well as serve plates.
The feeding program is providing a huge need for the Hiber students and their family. The six women on staff have amazing talents to serve and provide not only food but support for the student and their family.

Adera is committed to helping the Korah community provide support and excellent education opportunities for as many children as possible.

Pray with us!

  • Please pray for our students in the feeding program, that they will see the provision of food as from the Lord.
  • Pray for the cooking staff for Adera, that they see their value in the lives of the students and children.
  • Pray for the support of the feeding program, it is presently 76% funded.

“Adera Foundation shares the gospel in both word and deed transforming the lives of the poor in Ethiopia giving help and true hope.”

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