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Our mission is to walk alongside and empower those who cannot bear to walk alone.

We are committed to providing basic needs, teaching essential life skills, and sharing the Gospel to provide opportunities for women, children, families and communities in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Our approach is transformative


Because a strong education is the foundation for a strong nation, Adera is committed to to helping parents and communities provide excellent education opportunities for children. Read More >


Adera is developing Income-Generating Activities to build sustainable incomes for our families. This includes two bakeries, a mill house, and workshops for artisans. Read More >


While committed to providing educational and economic help, Adera also desires to provide true hope by connecting families to the local church and equipping the local church to effectively share the Gospel. Read More >

Just One

We are called to make a change. One Person. One Student. One Family in One Community. Adera brings help and true hope by inviting One (you) to invest long term in Just One!