Education Sponsorship

Walk alongside the student and their family to develop and encourage long-term success.

The goal of the Education Sponsorship Program is to nurture the student through the transitional years of grades 1-8. But our commitment to the family remains the same – to assist them with the resources they need to become self-supporting and capable of providing their child with a stable and secure home environment in which to learn, grow, and prosper. The critical window of influence in a child’s spiritual and educational life is ages 4-14.

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$100/month or $1,200/year

Supports the student and their family during their grades 1-8.

Education Sponsorship impact involves:

  • Adera walks alongside the student to develop and encourage their success
  • Adera walks alongside the parent for personal growth and wisdom in their parenting skills
  • Adera walks alongside the school for ongoing development and support
  • The Sponsor prays regularly and receives updates on their student’s progress

$25/month or $300/year

Tuition support for an Adera student