Support Education

Help a young child build upon his or her excellent educational foundation by giving only $25.00 a month in school tuition.

We will ask that parents demonstrate “buy in” by providing the enrollment fee and the child’s uniform, but a sponsor will provide a scholarship of $25.00 a month that will cover the child’s tuition. Each family has been in our program for several years and has had the opportunity to benefit from our work initiatives. Parents whose children have graduated from our day care may, of course, continue in their work with Adera, but will be transitioned out of our Family Sponsorship Program. In this way, Adera can build our families towards greater independence while still providing for the spiritual and educational needs of our young “graduates The critical window of influence in a child’s spiritual and educational life is ages 4-14. Adera impacts these two critical areas by:
  • Providing better education in a smaller private school
  • After school programs that provide biblical training

Learn more about Adera’s Educational programs.

$25/month or  $300/year

Supports tuition for a student.

$100/month or  $1,200/year

Supports the education programs. (Curriculum Development, Afterschool Programs, Tutoring and Character Development)

$175/month or  $2,100/year

Provides salaries for our teachers to support the education programs.(English Teachers, Character Teacher, Computer Teacher, Education Director,  Education Coordinator and Tutors)