Thank you Tess

Paintings 01

Standing in the studio of my good friend and accomplished Fort Worth artist Tess Mcdonald, Carol and I were prepared for the unveiling of two paintings Tess created from photographs I had taken while in Ethiopia with The Adera foundation. We could have never anticipated the moment that followed.

While still examining the artwork derived from a photograph I had shot of five precious little girls in Adis Ababa and another of a child in dire poverty in the same country, Tess asked Carol and I to step back just a little. Giving Tess the additional space, allowed her to reveal another piece of art she had been working on for some time.

To see such a beautiful painting of our precious Christina, knowing the love that was lavished into each brushstroke that Tess applied, moved Carol and I into tears of joy and grattitude. Tess, we will always treasure this priceless work of art and the prayers that you prayed over our family as you created it.

We are grateful.

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