the Rapp Family

Bring help and true hope, one family at a time!

Once we learned about Adera and the work it was doing in Addis Ababa, we set about to determine how much we would give. I love the saying that, instead of asking “what should we give?”, we should be asking “how much should we keep.?” It’s all His. We started off by supporting one family and committing to pray for them. Then we added another. Little did we expect that we would be the ones getting the gifts: the gift of joy, having our kids remember on their own to pray for folks thousands of miles away; the gift of grateful hearts, just seeing the photos of our Adera families and imagining their circumstances humbles us and makes us so grateful for our beds, our home, air conditioning, food, water, freedom, etc.; and the gift of participating in what God is doing around the world. “We feel so blessed to participate in Adera’s work – Christ’s work, of building and caring for His church. — Nikki and David