Education Provides Security

Present Security

A student who remains in school lowers their risk of early marriage, pregnancy, and gang involvement by 100 percent

Personal Security

A student actively engaged in school is more likely to have a higher self-worth and a greater sense of purpose for their life.

Future Security

A student who successfully pursues and completes their education will greatly enhance their potential for achieving future success

The Korah community in Addis Ababa is a place marked by debilitating despair. Located adjacent to a massive landfill covered in acres of garbage, Korah is home to more than 120,000 individuals whose lives are defined by their grim surroundings. Korah is a place that fosters little hope in the lives of those who forage its five-story mounds of trash in hopes of finding bits of discarded food, clothing, or scrap metal. It is a disheartening environment that breeds both disease and despair. 

But the Adera Foundation has a dream to transform the fortunes of those who call Korah home. We long to empty all the shacks and dilapidated shanties by providing their occupants with help and true hope for the future.   

This long-term vision began with the provision of a daycare center where Korah’s most vulnerable and neglected residents – its children – could find a safe place to learn and grow.   In providing a safe and nurturing environment for the children, Adera relieves one of the greatest areas of stress for their parents. But the vision doesn’t stop there. Adera also comes alongside the parents, providing them with tangible ways to change their family’s economic circumstances. 

They are given practical resources and assistance that emphasize their true value and point them in a new, upwardly oriented trajectory.   

It is a slow process but one that has already produced much fruit. As the children thrive in the welcoming environment of the daycare, both they and their parents begin to exhibit the evidence of the transformation taking place in their lives. And this process is ongoing. 

After their children graduate from our daycare and kindergarten, the entire family migrates from our Family Sponsorship Program into the Education Sponsorship Program. This allows Adera to continue to provide support but in a way that will best meet the new challenges each family faces. To break the cycle of poverty plaguing so many of our families, each child must have the security of receiving a quality education.

“Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: wisdom preserves those who have it.” Ecclesiastes 7:12

Pray with us!

Please pray…

That our children and parents grow in wisdom!

For our Adera team who help in all aspects of education – Tsion, Absynia, Elsa, Aman, Joshua, Senereab

And for a new computer teacher