Love People, Not Projects

I had a very humbling conversation the other day with some of my Ethiopian friends. It started with me asking the question, “What do Ethiopians think about all of these white people who come here to serve?” (This is a question I have often wondered, because I always get a wide range of reactions to […]

Jesus Wept.

About two months ago I was at my parents’ house right before I headed to Nashville for spring break. It was Sunday morning and I came down stairs to find my mom crying on the sofa while she looked at her phone with horror. She goes on to tell me that there has been a […]

Completely Unqualified

So I am not super great at the whole “blogging thing”, but I thought I should give it a try! My name is Mandy Miller and I am the person behind this humble little business I call Buna. I am now a senior at Texas A&M University and I am studying Non-Profit Management with a […]