Our Team

Our team

Julie Miller has worked with children and families professionally and personally for over 30 years. Not only did she raise and educate her own six children, but she has also trained other women in parenting and educating their children. Julie has a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in Public Leadership at UNT Dallas. She has traveled to various countries to promote Christ among women and children. Her passion is empowering others to follow Christ with their whole hearts. Julie likes to describe herself as a “PVC pipe.” Her greatest joy is serving as a conduit, connecting the talents and resources of individuals to the needs of communities. She has been Executive Director of the Adera Foundation for over nine years and is excited about promoting Adera and its work in Ethiopia as well as the USA. Julie and her husband Ken have been married for 41 years and live in Fort Worth, Texas.Elias Adugna, Adera’s In-Country Director, is the living example of a servant leader. He has a degree in Economics and his BSC in Health Services. He knows and understands his staff as well as those he serves and leads. He listens without judgement; he hears the plight of those under his care. He considers solutions that will meet long term results and not immediate crisis. His “why” is his love and devotion to God! He is completely selfless in his day to day life. He is constantly researching and considering how to fill in the “gaps” for the families, children, and the staff of Adera Foundation. Elias is married to Dureti and spends his free time at home playing with his son, Ronel and helping around his home.Joe and Caren Robertson have been actively involved in Ethiopia for the past nine years. Their desire is to assist those who want to impact the lives of others around the world. Joe has been in the commercial and residential construction business in the U.S.A. for over three decades and uses his knowledge of reconstruction and remodeling to assist individuals and organizations to make an effective difference with those in need. They strongly feel that they show their Christian love by being the working hands and feet of Christ.Tsion Dereje joined Adera in January 2014. She completed her university studies in sociology and social work. She worked in rural communities to gain experience with the most vulnerable and marginalized to improve their lives. Tsion works with Adera as a social worker. She interviews each potential family for Adera’s daycare. She makes annual home visits and continues to build case files to understand and meet each individual need. She is very thorough and intentional in all her interactions. In 2019, she worked hard to develop and launch the business development program known as Open Door. She continues to provide training for each candidate. She is married to Sebsebe and has a beautiful daughter named Hasset (her name means Joy in Amharic).Ferhiwot Adugna was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She has a BSC in nursing from Hawasa Health College. She worked as a lead nurse in health centers and received exposure in how to work with vulnerable women and children. She joined Adera Designs in 2017. She has a heart to encourage and empower the moms. She loves encouraging the women in their personal development as well as economically. Fere is very creative and loves the opportunity for design and to share the story of the women and their struggles and victories. She has two beautiful daughters.