Bekelech Tadesse & Dagim Biniayam

$100.00 / month


68 years old


12 years old

Bekelech is the primary caregiver of her grandson, Dagim. She has completed grade two. She works as a day laborer and earns 500 birr/mth ($18). She is Orthodox.

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Adera’s primary objective is to strengthen the family unit in the nation of Ethiopia.
Poverty, disease, poor education, high unemployment and a variety of other socio-economic factors are destroying the family unit in Ethiopia. Our desire is to facilitate programs that meet basic needs and to promote self-sustainability among the neediest individuals. One key area of emphasis is assisting families with young children. By targeting this extremely vulnerable segment of the Ethiopian population, we hope to provide at-risk parents a safe refuge for their young children, spiritual and emotional training for the whole family and business opportunities to foster long-term success.