Be Strong Yordanos!


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Be Strong Yordanos!

by Maggie Philpot and Spenser Stevens is an illustrated 36 page hardcover book that tells the story of a special young girl growing up in Ethiopia.

Everyone remembers the terror of facing new things: the first day on the job, the first day at college, and the first day of school. Be Strong, Yordanos! tells the story of a young girl growing up in Ethiopia who must face the formidable challenge of attending a new school. It is not easy growing up with a dump as a playground, but Yordanos and her best friend Gdetta have powerful imaginations and know how to find fun anywhere. When Yordanos’s mother introduces her to a school administrator who invites her to attend a new school, she cannot imagine leaving her mother and her home to be surrounded by strangers in a strange place. With the wise words of her mother, “Izosh, Yordanos!” ringing in her ears (“Izosh” is a common Ethiopian colloquialism commonly translated as “Be strong!”), Yordanos visits the new school and it doesn’t take long before she is dancing and learning and making new