Open Door Employment Program

Through the Open Door Employment Center, Adera seeks to provide sustainable employment opportunities for parents.

  • Training programs enhance both business and social skills
  • Participants are then matched with an external training program in a particular vocation
  • Once training is complete, Adera assists in creating a small business or finding employment with a local business in Addis Ababa
  • Adera continues to provide both counseling and guidance throughout the employment process to ensure ongoing success
  • Our goal is to equip parents to provide for the needs of their families

Currently we have helped 25 individuals receive training and find employment in Addis Ababa.

Mihret Abera

Mihret is a single mom. She has completed grade ten and has a certificate in accounting. She desires to be the best employee in business. Her five-year plan is to get her BA in Accounting.

Emebet Dessalegn

Emebet has two children. She has no formal education. She desires to own her own coffee shop. Her five-year plan is to build a successful business.

Yenegus Makeyaw

Yenegus has five children and no formal education. She seeks work in the food industry and wants to be a good employee. Her five-year plan is to improve her family’s living conditions.

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