Exploring Africa’s Gojo Bets

Exploring Africa's countryside 2.jpg

On a recent trip to Ethiopia I enjoyed exploring the african countryside and meeting those who call it home.

I love the little grass roofed houses (gojo bets) that dot the countryside of Africa. Walking down these red dirt roads I learned that when the gate is open (almost always) those who walk by are welcome to come in, helping themselves to water, coffee and food.

Elias and I walked through one of these gates and met an elderly grandmother and her granddaughters. We were invited into there gojo bet where I shot these photos of a home that provides space for multiple generations on one side and their livestock on the other. I was amazed by the efficiency.

Hospitality, warmth and kindness are embedded into the African culture. The rich sense of community is what I remember most when I look back on my visits to ethiopia.

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