Coming to America

The immigrant story – it’s written into the fabric of the American story, often a hot topic in the media, and fiercely contested among citizens and politicians. But what makes an immigrant? What turns a citizen into an emigrant and then an immigrant?

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia there are those who dream of coming to America, it’s true. But most citizens truly love their own nation. Ethiopians are proud of their heritage as the only African nation to never be colonized by a European power. They have their own history, art, dance, food, and way of life. Not to mention their own family roots are buried deep in the dusty soil of their own beautiful land. Those that do talk of coming to America do so because they are looking for hope – hope for an improved standard of living and hope for a future for their children.

At Adera Foundation we believe in “true hope.” That hope is first and foremost found in the gospel. But we also believe that there can be hope for improving one’s life and sustaining one’s family without emigration as the only or best answer. By committing to strategic, long term programs that support sustained economic growth, we believe we can assist the people of Addis Ababa in finding that hope while being able to remain in the country they love. We see this happening every day in our bead house and our bakery as well as through job training and the support provided by our daycare. Men and women of Ethiopia, with just a little assistance can find employment that provides for their families and educational opportunities for their children.

What if we were to combat the many complexities within the immigration system by reaching out to the source? What if we could actually give our resources and time as individual citizens to supporting the infrastructure and economies and families of developing nations so that emigration wouldn’t appear to be their only option? We think you can.

By choosing to sponsor a family you are building a scaffold that supports that family on the road to economic sustainability and educational opportunity. By buying jewelry from our “bead moms” you are supporting a business that keeps Ethiopian women happily employed and able to care for their families. By giving to Adera’s child care center, you are providing food, medical care, and early childhood education to the next generation of strong, capable, and patriotic Ethiopian citizens. We think that’s a win win!

One of our “bead moms” describes the hope she has found in the following words: “Before I came to Adera my life was miserable. I did not have a house to live in and I was recently divorced. I did not have anything to eat after I gave birth. But Adera gave me a chance to work in the bead production while holding my baby. Adera gave me sponsorship support and the ability to raise both of my daughters through the help of Adera.”

It is Adera’s hope that we can serve the immigrant before he becomes an emigrant (just as we hope to help the orphan before she becomes an orphan). Everything we do is dedicated to helping the people of Addis Ababa find help and true hope within the borders of their own beloved nation! Talk to us about how you can help.