of Transformation and Hope

Adera’s Feeding Program

Adera prepares and serves 1178 meals/day for Adera participants. That is 23, 560 meals/month and 270,940 meals in a year. A large portion of the meals are at Hiber Primary School in the Korah community.

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My Adera Story: Eliza Peacock

Even after three trips to Ethiopia, I find myself learning so many new things. As always, I am struck by the culture of joy and gratitude despite the climate of poverty and destitution. I also admire the faith of the people here. It is such an inspiration to see people who cling so closely to God. They have no money or materials to lean on, so they trust God completely with their lives, something the Bible commands all believers to do. 

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Why would you spend your resources and time in a country so far away?

When you are surrounded by people who look like you and act like you much of the time, you start to think God might look and act like you, too. When you get used to the culture you live in, you forget it’s not the only one and that God is at work in other cultures as well. Traveling to another part of the world, which is equally created by God, with equal amounts of purpose and worth, reminds us just how big God is. It helps us get to know other aspects of God that we don’t see when we just stay home. This trip will help me truly know God more and expand my view of Him. So, I will pay all the money, give all the time, and sacrifice my comfort to go.

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Michelle Matthews

My Adera Story: Michelle Matthews

Adera’s purpose fit so well with my vision of being a part of helping to educate young women towards a flourishing life. Adera’s mission,” to walk alongside and empower those who cannot bear to walk alone,” speaks to the truth of God as the ultimate source of that power. Adera sees education as a valuable resource that God’s people can effectively share, so that those finding themselves in near impossible situations can experience the possible – a life that flourishes through education, community and friendship, economic sustainability, and most importantly, through being a child of God.

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We Love because He first loved us!

In 2014, a family in Aledo, Texas decided to support me and my family. They did not even know us. They had only seen my picture with my mom. Why would they do this? Why would a family halfway around the world care about us?

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