Adera Pickleball for the Win!

Adera Pickleball logo

Adera invites you to invest in the Adera families and students halfway around the world, by joining us for an afternoon of pickleball for a global purpose. Adera FoundationPickleball EventApril 21, 2024 Courtside Kitchen1615 Rogers RoadFort Worth, TX 761072:00pm – 5:00pmDinner will be included Kitchen Sponsor $5000 Logo/name recognition and signage at the event and […]

My Adera Story: Michelle Matthews

Michelle Matthews

Adera’s purpose fit so well with my vision of being a part of helping to educate young women towards a flourishing life. Adera’s mission,” to walk alongside and empower those who cannot bear to walk alone,” speaks to the truth of God as the ultimate source of that power. Adera sees education as a valuable resource that God’s people can effectively share, so that those finding themselves in near impossible situations can experience the possible – a life that flourishes through education, community and friendship, economic sustainability, and most importantly, through being a child of God.

We Love because He first loved us!

In 2014, a family in Aledo, Texas decided to support me and my family. They did not even know us. They had only seen my picture with my mom. Why would they do this? Why would a family halfway around the world care about us?

Live Generously!

Adera’s Daycare is the catalyst to draw families into
economic and eternal security!

Camp Unity in Addis Ababa!

Sixty Adera Kindergartners Celebrate! In July, a team traveled to Addis Ababa and celebrated five USA holidays with 60 Adera Kindergarteners. The goal was to expose the students to English and to share the Gospel. Monday (Valentines) Introduce that Jesus loves them the most – John 3:16.The wordless colors were used to share the Gospel […]

SAVE the DATE! Your Global Investment!

The Adera Annual Fundraiser is a celebration of God’s love. On this incredible night, we get to host all our faithful donors and get to know those who be willing to join us on our mission of sharing God’s love with those whose lives desperately need it. This event is about God’s people giving away […]

KG Graduates!

Adera is graduating our 8th class of kindergarteners this month. These children began their educational journey in the Adera daycare when their parents reached out and asked for assistance. Now, eight years later, another group of graduates have hope for the future.   Kindergarten is a part of our Family Sponsorship. Adera has partnered with local private […]