Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Anna & William Brewer

The Brewers were first attracted to Adera due to the joint mission of meeting practical needs including childcare, education, and job training alongside the spiritual provision found only in Jesus Christ. They have served as board members since experiencing Adera’s mission firsthand on a trip to Ethiopia in 2019. William is a Senior Loan Officer specializing in residential mortgage with Affiliated Bank. Anna is a Consulting Partner and Director of Professional Development with JTaylor, a CPA firm based in Fort Worth. The Brewers have two boys who they hope will join them in serving in Ethiopia soon.Molly & Joe Burkett

Why are we involved? We are involved because of people who need the help and hope that God is providing through Adera. In Amharic, adera means “We will get it done.” With God’s help and direction, we are seeing a different future for the children and families that Adera touches. He could do it without us, but God has chosen Adera for this time and place to serve those in need.Katie & Hagen Haentsch

During our first family trip to Ethiopia we found Adera as a place where God presents his life-changing hope in both word and deed to some of the most disadvantaged families in the world. We witnessed how He touched both, moms and children through the wonderful Adera staff over there and through caring families and students who went a far distance to tell them that there are Christ-followers who care and love them. Experiencing the bond between mothers in their plight to raise their children, the shared burden of fathers who want to provide for their families, and the immediate friendships and curiosity between children all put us at awe. It motivated us as a whole family to come back and work alongside our Lord to bring encouragement and eternal hope to a place so unique and rich in both history and culture. Katie and Hagen Haentsch live in Fort Worth and have eight children between 1 and 17.Traci Hancock

We are blessed to live in a country where resources are abundant and many services for the needy are available. After traveling to Africa, I saw that the needy in Ethiopia were really struggling, especially women with small children. As much as they were willing to work, the women often had no support or childcare. Many of the mothers resorted to begging or digging in the dump to survive. Others simply handed over their babies or small children to orphanages, hoping to be able to get them back as soon as they could make ends meet—but often that time never comes. I am a part of Adera because we support families by offering a safe daycare where parents can trust that their children will be well cared for by our loving staff. We show God’s love to each child and parent by helping to preserve the family. Louis & Asha Hockett

Louis and Asha’s involvement with Adera began in 2014 with Asha’s first trip to Ethiopia. In 2017, we traveled to Ethiopia together. It was through these trips and the sweet relationships with the families in Addis that we came to better understand and appreciate what Adera is all about. Adera’s dedication to fully loving and developing the families spiritually and practically, at all levels of their lives is proof that it is obediently accomplishing the will and work of the Lord in Ethiopia. Because of this, we are truly humbled to be a small part of this wonderful organization. Garett & Caroline Pearce

Garett and Caroline joined the board shortly after Caroline took her second trip to Ethiopia. She fell in love with the country and especially the work that Adera Foundation was doing there. We both have had a heart for missions since we were young, and it is a blessing to get to serve on this board together and be a small part of the kingdom work that is being done in Addis Ababa. Caroline loves the people aspect and Garett really has an interest I the business aspect. This foundation is an opportunity for us to use our gifts around the world right here from Fort Worth, TX (and of course travel to the beautiful country of Ethiopia every now and then!).Joe & Caren Robertson

Several years ago, Caren and I visited Ethiopia. God revealed an amazing group of loving people that just needed a chance. They proved this to us many times over the years. We are blessed with an opportunity to watch Christ work in real time. To see the change, he can make if we just listen to him and take the first step and allow him to guide us. Adera continues to make a difference in people’s lives in Ethiopia. We are honored to be part of the difference. Clay & Mara Townsley

Clay and Mara Townsley have been married 9 years. They have three kids. Cooper (27), Connor (24) and Aza (16). Clay grew up in Fort Worth and attended Texas Christian University. He is co-owner of Sports Rehabilitation Specialists in Fort Worth. Mara grew up in Zambia as a missionary kid and attended Hardin Simmons University in Abilene. She is now teaching and coaching at the Oakridge school in Arlington. Mara and Clay were introduced to Adera Foundation at a fundraiser event. Their hearts were ignited to consider their personal involvement. Mara and Aza traveled to Ethiopia in March 2020 and it was the catalyst to join the Adera family for a long-term investment.