Team Trips

Adera facilitates group travel to Ethiopia so that teams see the impact our programs have on families and children and can participate in this world-changing work.

Trips have various purposes:

  • To encourage the in-country staff
  • To open the eyes of individuals to a role they could play in the work we are doing in Ethiopia
  • To support in-country employees and volunteers by providing assistance with ongoing tasks, offering specialized trainings, or tackling larger organizational projects
  • To allow people to see first-hand the impact Adera is having on the community in Addis Ababa
  • To raise up advocates for our families and children and facilitate help and true hope

“We didn’t know how God would use us. We just wanted to be willing. We wanted to give our kids an opportunity to hand God their fears and trust him. What a joy to step back and see it happen in a Addis Ababa Ethiopia.” – Elise Jordan

Would you like to travel with Adera?