Invite the story of Adera to impact the hearts and minds of young people and adults.

Whether in a classroom, an afterschool program, or a sunday school class, give them a glimpse into the lives of families in Ethiopia.

We believe the first step to involving more people in the transformational work of Adera is through education. Whether in a classroom, an after school program, or a Sunday School class, education is empowering and empathy-building. You can help impact the hearts and minds of those in your community by sharing the story of Adera in a variety of ways:

For small children: 

  • Help them locate Ethiopia on a map
  • Read the Adera picture book, “Be Strong, Yordanos!”
  • Show how Adera beads are made and help them make their own bracelets

For older groups:

  • Present information about the nation of Ethiopia
  • Share videos and images of Adera’s work
  • Discuss the needs of the communities we serve

How can we help you share the story of Adera with your community?