Family Preservation

Adera’s primary objective is to strengthen the family unit in the nation of Ethiopia.

Poverty, disease, poor education, high unemployment and a variety of other socio-economic factors are destroying the family unit in Ethiopia. Our desire is to facilitate programs that meet basic needs and to promote self-sustainability among the neediest individuals. One key area of emphasis is assisting families with young children. By targeting this extremely vulnerable segment of the Ethiopian population, we hope to provide at-risk parents a safe refuge for their young children, spiritual and emotional training for the whole family and business opportunities to foster long-term success.

To join in preserving the family, consider our Family Sponsorship Program.

Perry Family

We ask three things from our families who commit to sponsoring a family:
1. Weekly prayer for your family by name
2. Financial support
3. Online communication with your family three times a year
(facilitated through the Adera website)

Your monthly donation of $100.00 will provide the following:

  • Safe daycare for a child five days a week
  • Two nutritious meals a day for each child
  • Weekly medical assessment and an on-site doctor
  • Vitamin supplements and prevention medicines
  • Preschool academic training
  • Clean clothes
  • Clean water
  • Biblical training for children and parents
  • Freedom for parents to work, knowing children are safe and thriving
  • Monthly parenting meetings, equipping parents to meet their physical, emotional and spiritual challenges
  • Stability and opportunity for the family to move toward self-sustainability
  • Monthly allotment of teff and oil, a nutritional staple

for only $100.00 a month

Partner with a family in Addis Ababa, providing them with the invaluable support they need in order to keep the family in tact and provide for their basic needs.

Open Door Program

Part of preserving families is equipping men and women for employment by providing job training and life-skills development.

Unemployment in Addis Ababa is at 33%. Many of our families have little or no education and thus find it difficult to obtain viable employment. Many resort to foraging the dump or begging on the streets. Adera employs a social worker who runs regular job and life-skill training programs and utilizes the Get Hope* materials to equip women in business development and providing for their families. Your donation to the Open Door program will enable Adera to equip more men and women to find employment and provide for their families. The present training is in food preparation, hairdressing, child care, and tailoring. The participant chooses the desired training and then the Open Door provides the needed instruction to equip them for sustainable income.

* A curriculum designed for illiterate or low-level literate women in developing countries who want to provide a brighter future for their families and improve their own lives by learning ways to build and grow their existing businesses.

Open Door vocational Training

“Blessed are those who have regard for the weak:

the Lord delivers them in times of trouble.”

Ps. 41:1 NIV