COVID-19 Family Relief Fund

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Ethiopian government has shut down all schools and daycares.

This means we cannot operate our daycare or feeding program, leaving our families without their daily meals. In addition, the parents in our programs don’t have the freedom to “work-from-home” which means their children are left unattended all day while they are at work. But Adera is seeking solutions!

The greatest need is to make sure our families are fed. We have over 400 individuals (plus their families) who need food. Adera has begun to distribute food through the volunteer efforts of a select group of moms. We provide the food and the women deliver it to their communities. Community is one of Ethiopia’s greatest strengths and with it comes this commitment to help and protect. Because of this commitment we are able to provide our families with their daily meals thanks to these volunteers!

Adera is a development organization, which means that we believe in long-term investments in our families and not in short-term handouts. But times like this require a temporary shift from long-term development to immediate relief. Our families require immediate aid during this emergency which is why we are coming to you to help us fulfill these needs.

As our team continues to support our families throughout this crisis, would you consider giving towards our Family Relief Fund today and help us provide for our families’ daily needs?

We are so grateful to get to serve our families alongside you.