Board of Directors

Clayton & Abby Luskie

Clayton and Abby Luskie – Clayton and Abby Luskie have been board members of Adera Foundation since 2014.  Mr. Luskie is a graduate of Texas A&M University and works for Shell Oil Company. Mrs. Luskie is a pediatric RN who currently stays home with their children. They are passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and seeing His glory spread in all parts of the world. Mr. Luskie enjoys applying his business background to help others improve their lives. They live in Houston, Texas with their three wonderful children, Sarah, Ben, and Sam.

Joe and Caren Robertson

Several years ago Caren and I visited Ethiopia. God revealed an amazing group of loving people that just needed a chance. They proved this to us many times over the years. We are blessed with an opportunity to watch Christ work in real time. To see the change he can make if we just listen to him and take the first step and allow him to guide us. Adera continues to make a difference in people’s lives in Ethiopia. We are honored to be part of the difference.

Traci Hancock

We are blessed to live in a country where resources are abundant and many services for the needy are available.  After traveling to Africa, I saw that the needy in Ethiopia were really struggling, especially women with small children.  As much as they were willing to work, the women often had no support or childcare.  Many of the mothers resorted to begging or digging in the dump to survive.  Others simply handed over their babies or small children to orphanages, hoping to be able to get them back as soon as they could make ends meet—but often that time never comes.  I am a part of Adera because we support families by offering a safe daycare where parents can trust that their children will be well cared for by our loving staff.  We show God’s love to each child and parent by helping to preserve the family.

Asha John

My first mission trip was with Adera in 2014.  The warmth and gratitude of the people we met and the relationships we built are forever etched on my heart.  Staying involved with Adera allows me to invest in Kingdom causes through the people of Ethiopia.

Molly & Joe Burkett

Why are we involved? We are involved because of people who need the help and hope that God is providing through Adera.  In Amharic, adera means “We will get it done.”  With God’s help and direction we are seeing a different future for the children and families that Adera touches.  He could do it without us but God has chosen Adera for this time and place to serve those in need.

John & Elizabeth Batton

From the early days of their marriage until now, Elizabeth & John have known that part of God’s plan for them is to help people in tangible ways.  They were initially drawn to Adera’s model of providing education and food for the children of the ultra-poor who previously foraged through refuse to provide sustenance for their families.  This relief not only allows families to stay intact, but also provides a head start for the next generation..

Nikki and David Rapp

Once we learned about Adera and the work it was doing in Addis Ababa, we set about to determine how much we would give. I love the saying that, instead of asking “what should we give,” we should be asking “how much should we keep.” It’s all His. We started off by supporting one family and committing to pray for them. Then we added another. Little did we expect that we would be the ones getting the gifts.

  •  the gift of joy, having our kids remember on their own to pray for folks thousands of miles away;
  • the gift of grateful hearts, just seeing our Adera families’ pictures and imagining their circumstances every time humbles us and makes us so grateful for our beds, our home, air conditioning, food, water, freedom, etc.; and
  •  the gift of participating in what God is doing around the world.

We do feel so blessed to participate in Adera’s work—Christ’s work, of building and caring for His church.

Toni Meadows

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one.”  Mother Teresa

I love the work Adera is doing because they are bringing hope to families one at a time.  It is individuals like Abraham and Desta whose lives are being transformed with dignity through employment, education, physical nourishment and the truth of God’s love for them.  God’s hands and feet are at work with  Adera in Ethiopia and I feel privileged to get to come alongside to support this amazing ministry.